Mantoux Skin Testing in Long-term Care

There are always questions about PPD conversions and there have been several posts regarding the subject, two just recently (see February 22 nd  and 16 th). Remember to follow the Infection Control Guidelines as outlined by your own State Department of Public Health.

In California, the CDPH (California Department of Public Health) outlines very explicit Guidelines for both Healthcare Workers and Residents in Long-term Care facilities. When a facility has concerns or is unsure of how to proceed in certain situations, they call the TB Control Nurse at the local, County Health Department.

The CDC offers a lot of information on the subject including wall charts, Educational DVD’s on the subject of administering and interpreting the PPD, brochures, handouts and even rulers. I have placed links to all of these resources in previous blogs but will do so again.

CDC: TB Topics Page

CDC: Ordering the CDC Mantoux PPD Skin Test Video  (scroll down ordering sheet to locate video)

CDC: Diagnosis of Latent TB

CDC: Newer treatment for Latent TB

CDC: TB Fact sheets

CDC: Mantoux Tuberculin Skin Test Wall Chart

CDC: Mantoux test administration and interpretation

Reference: CDC Public Health Image Library (March 23, 2012).

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